Robert Half

Product/UX Consultant


I am currently a full-time consultant for Robert Half working with various companies. I consult on a variety of subjects including product management, UX design, front end development, and strategy. With some companies I get to come in and help them think through their business needs and how they can better solve the problems they're facing. Other companies are just overloaded with work and need me to step in and help get the job done. The companies that I believe I help the most though are the ones where I can come in and help think through their problems and help solve them from a product and UX viewpoint.

Health ELT

Product Manager


I managed the time, commitments, and priorities for the product team at a health tech startup that specialized in enterprise tools for large-scale health insurers and state agencies. My direct responsibilities spanned the UX, UI, and QA team. Additionally I interfaced closely with the company CTO and other leadership, acting as liaison between the product team and development teams. In this role, I also contributed to the front end development, responsible for ensuring designs were implemented accurately and in most cases fixing or amending them to the designers' specifications for both web dashboard applications and our mobile application. In some product elements, I was responsible for QA and testing of certain features, and in others I oversaw testing with other team members. Bug reporting and prioritizing also ran through me.

SPS Web Design & Development


2009 - Present

I've been working freelance throughout my career on projects that interest me. I worked closely with clients to design and implement a broad spectrum of web-based projects, determining their needs and facilitating their aesthetics with a variety of web tools including WordPress, Shopify, and custom design and development.

After my time at South Central Digital, I chose to freelance full time. Health ELT was initially a free lance client that eventually asked me to come on as employee to broaden my front-end development work into a Product Manager role.

Other clients include Imogene + Willie, Otis James, Bella Veritas Productions, Kopecky Family Band, Parkside Builders, Kelly Construction, Crossroads Go Trips

South Central Digital

Director of Digital Production


As director I led a team of three developers and two designers. I was accountable for any web production for all of South Central Digital. In this time I was still an active developer on the team, implementing projects handed off from our designers from initial development through launch. I was highly involved in client meetings and the planning of any web projects.

Senior Front End Developer

2010 - 2014

As senior developer, I managed our Drupal and Wordpress theme development for custom websites. I worked with a team of two other developers and two designers on a daily basis. I maintained eleven Drupal radio station websites for which we were responsible on top of work on individual client projects. I was in charge of making sure that our websites maintained consistency across browsers.

Centricity Music Group

Graphic Design Contractor


I created various promotional pieces for artists including websites, web banners, advertisements, and the like. I also helped manage Centricty’s online store.

Otterball Artist Image Development

Graphic Design Intern


I worked on creating Otterball’s online marketing and social networking content. I prepared website projects with visual placeholder content to present to clients. I assisted in developing and documenting internal systems for business development. I also assigned and animated submissions to Otterball’s online portfolio.

Consensus Point

Graphic Design & Web Development Intern


I created content the Consensus Point brand, creating and editing HTML and CSS for various pages, logos, and other vector graphics. Working with the company at its early startup phase, even as an intern my responsibilities included work on the brand's various products, creating logos for many of them. I also worked on the UI for their Foresight software.

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Graphic Designer

2007 - 2008


Product Management, UX Design, Adobe CC, Sketch, HTML5, CSS, Sass, LESS, Git, Responsive Design, WordPress, jQuery, PHP, Javascript, Angular, Drupal, Shopify, Cross Browser compatibility, Microsoft Office Suite


Liberty University

B.S. Communication Studies: Graphic Design - 2004 - 2008

Honors: Magna Cum Laude | GPA: 3.8